Special Project Claims Department

  • Special Project Claims

    Eric Stockmeyer

    Director of Budget and Grants Management

    Room 709 City Hall

    Buffalo, N.Y.  14202

    Phone: (716) 816-3614; Fax: 851-3534



    The duties & responsibilities of the Special Project Claims Office are as follows:


    1. Converts approved grant budget narratives into revenue & expenditure accounts & releases the budget codes to the responsible administrator;
    2. Tracks grant expenditures & reports account balances to administrators each month;
    3. Claims reimbursement for expenditures from the grantor on a scheduled, cyclical basis;
    4. Reviews grant applications for budget accuracy & fiscal compliance prior to submission;
    5. Audits the regular payroll of every individual on a special project salary account to insure accuracy of grant charges & reimbursement claims;
    6. Receives the cash claimed/received & applies it to the correct account;
    7. Reviews all Bd. of Education business items to be paid with grant funds to insure the account(s) is current, sufficient & appropriate for the purpose;
    8. Applies budget amendments to projects as the amendments are approved;
    9. Maintains comprehensive project records;
    10. Prepares & submits a detailed Final Expenditure Report which reconciles total expenditures & revenue received at each project’s conclusion.