• CHINA                                                                                                               

    Big Jimmy's Kum Kau Chinese Take Out by  Lewin, Ted.   The sights, sounds, and smells of a busy Chinese take-out restaurant are seen through the eyes of the owner's young son.  FICTION Picture book.

    Cat and Rat: the Legend of the Chinese Zodiac  by Young, Ed   Introduces the Chinese zodiac and relates how each of its twelve signs was named for an animal selected by the Jade Emperor.  Includes a table showing the signs for the years 1900 through 2007, and the character traits of each sign.  Non-Fiction

    Celebrating Chinese New Year An Activity Book by Chan, HIngman  Introduce your students to Chinese New Year the most important holiday of the year for people in China and many other Asian communities all over the world.

    China   Cheong, Colin, and  Berg, Elizabeth.    Describes how the culture of China is reflected in its many festivals.  Non-Fiction

    China A Kaleidoscope Kids Book by Florence, Debbi Michiko  contains over 40 activities to experience China past and present.  Activities, crafts, photographs and recipes.

    China   Dahl, Michael.   An introduction to the geography, history, economy, culture, and people of China, the third largest country in the world.  Non-fiction

    China   Hibbert, Clare  An exploration of the cuisine of China that discusses how the climate, history, religion, and culture of the country has influenced its food and cooking, describes traditional dishes, and includes three recipes.  Non-Fiction

    China by  Andre, Lara,  From the Forbidden City, the sprawling, opulent palace of China's emperors, to the gymnasiums and pools of modern China where young athletes hone their skills, students can learn about the culture and history of China.  (video)  Non-Fiction

    Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories by Yip, Mingmei These beloved Chinese tales contains a superb selection of Chinese folklore and legend.  Discover many delightful animal characters such as the famous Monkey King, as well as Chang-E, the Moon goddess, and Guan Yin, the Goddess of Compassion.  Folktale/Fairy tales.

    Chinese Cinderella by   Mah, Adeline Yen. -- New York: Dell Laurel-Leaf, 2001], c1999.  The author tells the story of her painful childhood in China where she lived until the age of fourteen with her father, stepmother, and siblings, all of whom considered her bad luck because her mother died shortly after giving birth to her.   Folktale

    Chinese Immigrants in America by  Hunsicker, Kelley.   This book describes the experiences of Chinese immigrants who come to California in 1850. The reader's choices reveal the historical details about Chinese immigrants who try to strike it rich in the gold mines, seek a fortune in San Francisco's Chinatown, and work on the Transcontinental Railroad.  Non-Fiction

    Chinese New Year by Fabian, Rhonda,  Baber, Jerry,  Keck, Michael,  Faber, Rhonda,  Schlessinger, Andrew, Schlessinger Video Productions,  Fabian-Baber, Inc, and Library Video Company. -- Bala Cynwyd, PA : Schlessinger Video Productions, c1994.   Explores the symbols, customs, rituals and folklore underlying the celebration of Chinese New Year. Presented with traditional songs, folk tales, and arts and crafts.  Video Non-Fiction

    Chinese New Year  Gleason, Carrie.   Chinese New Year welcomes the start of a new year. It is the most important celebration in China. People enjoy this holiday in many different ways. Chinese people follow certain traditions to make sure they have a lucky new year.  Non-Fiction

    Dragonwings  Yep, Laurence  In the early twentieth century a young Chinese boy joins his father in San Francisco and helps him realize his dream of making a flying machine.  Fiction

    El Chino  Say, Allen   A biography of Bill Wong, a Chinese American who became a famous bullfighter in Spain.  Non-Fiction Biography

    Eyewitness China by Sebag-Montefiore, Poppy with clip-art CD.  Be an eyewitness to a nation of more than a billion people, and learn about their history, their culture, and their way of life.

    Fa Mulan   San Souci, Robert D, and Jean Tseng   A retelling of the original Chinese poem in which a brave young girl masquerades as a boy and fights the Tartars in the Khan's army.  Folktale

    Families of China   Rao, Anand,  Wasan, Leslie,  Marquisee, Eleanor Betting,  Marquise, Mark,   Examines family life in China. Focuses on two Chinese children and shows their daily life and how they developed their learning skills in school.  Non-fiction

    The Ghost Fox by  Yep, Laurence, and  Tseng, Mou-Sien.  While his father is away from their Chinese village, Little Lee fights to save his mother's soul from an evil fox creature that has assumed human form. An adaptation of a ghost story found in the Chinese classic Liao-chi Chih-yi.  Fiction

    A Grain of Rice  Pittman, Helena Clare.   A clever, cheerful, hard-working farmer's son wins the hand of a Chinese princess by outwitting her father the Emperor, who treasures his daughter more than all the rice in China.  Fairy tale Picture book.

    The Incredible Story of China's Buried Warriors by Patent, Dorothy Hinshaw.   Describes the archaeological find of thousands of life-sized terra cotta warrior statues discovered in China, and discusses the emperor who had them created and placed in his tomb.  Non-Fiction

    The Junior Thunder Lord by  Yep, Laurence, and Robert Van Nutt,  Yue, a Chinese merchant, discovers the wisdom in passing along kindness, when Bear Face, the huge hairy man Yue has befriended, saves his life.  Fiction

    Lady of Ch'iao Kuo by  Yep, Laurence.   In 531 A.D., a fifteen-year-old princess of the Hsien tribe in southern China keeps a diary which describes her role as liaison between her own people and the local Chinese colonists, in times of both peace and war.  Fiction

    Later, Gator by  Yep, Laurence.   Teddy finds that his imagination has gotten him into trouble once more, when he buys his younger brother Bobby an alligator for his birthday.  Fiction

    The Legend of the Panda by Granfield, Linda, and Song Nan Zhang.  A retelling of an ancient Chinese tale which explains how the panda first got its black-and-white markings, telling of Dolma, a young shepherdess whose selfless act saves the life of a panda cub.  Folktale

    Lion Dancer by  Waters, Kate,  Slovenz-Low, Madeline, Martha Cooper,   Describes six-year-old Ernie Wong's preparations, at home and in school, for the Chinese New Year celebrations and his first public performance of the lion dance.  Fiction Picture Book

    Look What Came From China by  Harvey, Miles Describes many things, both familiar and unfamiliar, that originally came from China, including inventions, food, tools, animals, toys, games, musical instruments, fashion, medicine, holidays, and sports.   Non-Fiction.

    Mao Zedong by  Garza, Hedda   A biography of the man who transformed China from a culture steeped in ancient traditions into a revolutionary communist state.  Biography Non-Fiction

    Milet Picture Dictionary English-Chinese Turhan, Sedat  2 copies

    Mulan by  Marsoli, Lisa Ann, Judith Holmes Clarke, , ill, Brent Ford, , ill, Denise Shimabukuro, , ill, Scott Tilley, , ill, Lori Tyminski, , ill, Atelier Harchy, Philippe,, ill, and Walt Disney Company. -- New York] : Mouse Works, c1998.  Mulan does not want her father to fight in the Chinese army, so she steals his armor, disguises herself as a man, and goes to fight, where she encounters numerous adventures and obstacles.  Video Folktale

    Portraits of Pride by Chinese Historical Society of Southern California. -- Los Angeles : Chinese Historical Society of Southern California, 2004.  Non-Fiction

    Red Scarf Girl:  A Memoir of the Cultural Revolution by Jiang, Ji-Li  The book is a memoir of one girl's experiences during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, a movement launched by the Communist government and its leader Chairman Mao, to purge China of people who did not follow the Communist ideals.  Non-Fiction

    The Rooster's Antlers by  Kimmel, Eric A, and YongSheng Xuan,   Relates how the Jade Emperor chose twelve animals to represent the years in his calendar. Also discusses the Chinese calendar, zodiac, the qualities associated with each animal, and what animal rules the year in which the reader was born.  Folktale Picture Book

    Sam and the Lucky Money by  Chinn, Karen,  Van Wright, Cornelius, Ying-Hwa Hu,  Sam must decide how to spend the lucky money he's received for Chinese New Year.  Fiction Picture Book

    See Inside an Ancient Chinese Town by  Hughes-Stanton, Penelope,  Sington, Adrian, Charlotte Snook, , ill, Mike Saunders, , ill, and Rob McCaig,   Focuses on life in Loyang which became the new capital of the Han empire of China in 25 A.D.  Non-Fiction

    The Seven Chinese Brothers by  Mahy, Margaret, and Jean Tseng  Seven Chinese brothers elude execution by virtue of their extraordinary individual qualities.  Fairy Tale Fiction

    The Seven Chinese Sisters by  Tucker, Kathy, and Grace Lin,   When a dragon snatches the youngest of seven talented Chinese sisters, the other six come to her rescue.  Fairy tale Fiction

    The Seventh Sister:  A Chinese Legend   This love story explains how night is made and how the Milky Way was formed.  Folktale Fiction

    Tales from Gold Mountain by  Yee, Paul, and Simon Ng,   A collection of eight stories reflecting the gritty optimism of the Chinese who overcame prejudice and adversity to build a unique place for themselves in North America.  Non-Fiction

    Two of Everything by  Hong, Lily Toy  A poor old Chinese farmer finds a magic brass pot that doubles or duplicates whatever is placed inside it, but his efforts to make himself wealthy lead to unexpected complications.  Fairy tale

    Uncle Peter's Amazing Chinese Wedding by  Look, Lenore, and Yumi Heo,   A Chinese American girl describes the festivities of her uncle's Chinese wedding and the customs behind them.  Fiction Picture Book.

    Writing in Ancient China by  Fine, Jil  Describes the different types of writing used in ancient China and explains how it is translated today.  Non-Fiction

    Yang the Youngest and His Terrible Ear by  Namioka, Lensey, and  Kiefte, Kees de.   Recently arrived in Seattle from China, musically untalented Yingtao is faced with giving a violin performance to attract new students for his father when he would rather be working on friendships and playing baseball.  Fiction

    Yeh-Shen by  Patterson, Ray,  Keeshan, Robert,  Louie, Ai-Ling, Fox Video (Firm), and CBS Fox Video.  A Chinese version of Cinderella, in which a beautiful young girl thwarts the interference of her wicked stepmother and stepsisters to marry a prince.  Video folktale

    Yeh-Shen by  Louie, Ai-Ling, and Ed Young,  A young Chinese girl overcomes the wickedness of her stepsister and stepmother to become the bride of a prince.  Folktale

    A Young Painter by  Cheng, Chen-Sun, and  Low, Alice  Examines the life and works of the young Chinese girl who started painting animals at the age of three.  Biography Non-Fiction