How to Return your District laptop/tablet/cell phone



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    District Protocol requires that all staff departing from employment must return any District equipment to the appropriate department/location.  


    District owned equipment should not be left at the school/department or be given to another employee.    If an employee does leave the device in the care of a supervisor or other employee, an IT  work ticket should be submitted requesting for the device to be picked up and returned back to the appropriate place.   


    Each employee requesting for a device must receive proper approval, therefore laptops/tablets and cell phones are non-transferrable and should remain under the care of the employee to whom it was issued to until it is returned back.


    Instructions for Laptop/Tablet Returns:  

    • Laptops or tablets must be returned to the District’s IT Central Inventory Location at

    Room 117 at the Bennett Campus
    Building #200
    2885 Main Street
    Buffalo, NY 14214

    • Laptop/Tablet Returns can be made during these days/times:

    Monday - Friday      8:00 - 9:00 AM
    Mon, Tues, Weds    3:00 - 5:00 PM
    The office is closed on Thursday & Friday afternoon.

    Call 816-4492 to schedule an appointment   

    • Please bring with you: 
      • All associated components issued with the laptop/tablet (e.g. bag, case, power cord, battery, mouse, and any USB devices).  
      • Photo ID and BPS employee ID#  
    • Make sure to back up your data and files before returning.


    Instructions for Cell Phone Returns:


    • District Cell phones must be returned to the IT department at City Hall Room# 813
    • Returns can be made during regular business hours 8am to 4pm, Monday-Friday
    • Please make sure to back up any contact information or pictures from your phone if you still need/want them
    • Please also make sure to sign a Cell Phone Return Form for your records



      Please click on the link below for a PDF version of this information.



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