My Homework

  • Throughout the year Students will be assigned Home and Careers Homework.

    Students are expected to read 4 articles a week and write a one page summary of each article.

    Each Article must be turned in by Friday and must be sited in MLA format.

    Last Name of Author, First name, "Article Title" Website Title. Publisher of Website, Day Month Year article was published. Web. Day Month Year.

    Also extra Credit will be provided for any student who cooks at home with their family. Students are encouraged to share pictures and recipes with classmates.


    You have a choice of ANY of teh following Home and Careers topics.

    Careers, Community and Family

    Consumer Services

    Education and Early Childhood


    Food Production and Service

    Food Science, Dietetics and Nutrition

    Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation

    Housing and Interior Design

    Human Development

    Interspersonal Relationships


    Textiles, Fashion, Apparel