School & Class Information


    This webpage is setup to keep you, our parents informed of what is going on in our school and in our class. We have behavior modification programs going on daily. Your child will bring a behavior note book home everyday, in which I have reported to you, the good the bad and the ugly, as well as the sweet and the kind. Students have homework every night.  If you want to see your child's homework assignments, click on My Homework.   If you click on My Links, you will find educational sites that will help your child learn.

    We do the same subject matter as every other regular class.  We do reading (Harcourt), math (investigation), social studies & science, same as every other class. We have special subjects, Art, Music and Physical Education twice a cycle.

    Class Rules:

    1. Respect yourself and others.

    2. Listen the first time.

    3. Ignore bad behavior.

    4. Complete all of your work.

    5. Follow the group rules when working in a group.

    6. Walk through the halls quietly.