Unit Outline


    Note to Teacher:

    • The lessons plans can be found below under the respective Phase section.
    • Materials for the lessons are located on various subpages.

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    Phase 1 (3-4 class periods): This unit teaches skills for locating answers within a text to questions using basic digital literacy skills (e.g., copy and paste); paraphrasing responses to avoid plagiarism; and citing sources where answers were found.
    • Lesson 1.0 - Introducing Vocabulary - 5th Grade / 6th Grade
    • Lesson 1.1 - Finding Text-Based Answers - 5th Grade / 6th Grade
    • Lesson 1.2 - Paraphrasing - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 1.3 - Citing Resources - 5th Grade6th Grade

    Phase 2 (4-7 class periods): This unit teaches the basic tenets of research, including how to take notes, convert those notes into an outline and compose an essay.
    • Lesson 2.4 - Note Taking - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 2.5 - Outlining - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 2.6 - Writing a Rough Draft - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 2.7 - Research Essay - 5th Grade6th Grade

    Phase 3: This unit reinforces and expands on citation procedures by showing students how to locate and cite copyright free images. It also teaches students how to: narrow the focus of their essay in order to delve more deeply into a single topic; map out a movie concept using main ideas; create an iMovie; and present their final product to a group of their peers while explaining their process and defending their product.
    • Lesson 3.8 - Copyright & Image Collection - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 3.9 - Team Roles & Storyboarding - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 3.10 - Multimedia Project Creation - 5th Grade6th Grade
    • Lesson 3.11 - Presentation - 5th Grade6th Grade

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