Parent Section

  • Common questions from parents:


    Q Why is my child enrolled in GradPoint?

    A:  To get the best answer you should contact your child's school counselor, but most often it is because a student has failed one or more classes and needs to recover course credit. 


    Q How can my child login to GradPoint?

    A:  They MUST goto their own school's GradPoint page.  

    Once they open their own school's GradPoint page, then:
    • Click the 3 vertical dots to the right of the LOGIN button.
    • Choose “Use applications login”.
    • Username is their student 900# and password will be the same as what they use for their computer. Ask your teacher for help if this doesn't work. 


    Q:  How do they receive a grade for their GradPoint class?

    A:  Students will receive an Incomplete "I" every quarter for this class, until the course is 100% completed.  Once the course is completed, a grade will be posted based on their GradPoint test grades.


    Q:  How long do GradPoint courses take to finish?

    AAt a minimum, students should finish 5% of the course they are working on every day. If they do, then it should take a month or less to finish that course.  They can work on the course anywhere and at anytime, as long as they have an internet connection.



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