Process of Grants Development

    • All RFP's initiated through, forwarded to, and reviewed by the Grants Development Department only
    • RFP forwarded to appropriate staff for review
    • Establishment of Design Team, and set meeting dates
    • Assignment of proposal responsibilities
    • Development of writing of proposals by Grants Department Staff, in collaboration with district staff and "outside" constituent groups
    • Budget developed by the Grants Department Staff, in collaboration with the Design Team
    • Final budget (FS-10) completed by the Grants Department, forwarded to Special Projects Office for review and approval, then returned to Grants Department
    • Letters of support (if necessary) secured by the Design Team
    • Assurance pages prepared by the Grants Department
    • Appendices prepared by the Design Team
    • Complete grant application is reviewed by appropriate staff
    • Superintendent reviews and signs proposal/budget in meeting with member of the Grants Department
    • Grant is submitted to the Grantor by the required method of submission.  A copy of the completed application and electronic confirmation and/or proof of mailing are kept on file in the Grants Department Office.