Applying to College

Leonardo da Vinci High School



1)                  Get an application

Applications are available directly from the colleges and universities on their web sites. Paper applications for some local applications are available in the counselor’s office. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain an application. Addresses are available in the counselor’s office. See me if you are having a problem obtaining an application.


2)         Fill out the application.

It is the student’s responsibility to completely fill out the application for college. Counselors are available to assist students and answer any questions but cannot complete applications for students.


2b)       What if I want to apply ON-LINE?

Most colleges will now accept applications on-line. Some, like UB, Buffalo State and other SUNY Schools require applications be done this way.

You must still provide a stamped addressed envelope to send a transcript.

Counselors will send transcripts electronically IF APPROPRIATE. Check with your college admissions office to see if they will accept e-mailed transcripts. Colleges will not process your application until they receive an official transcript from our school. You must provide the counselor with stamped envelopes and/or valid electronic addresses to send transcripts even if all of your applications are done on-line.



3)         Bring the COMPLETED application to the Counselor with a STAMPED envelope.

When you have completely filled out the application return it in an envelope addressed to the college.

The return address should be:        

Leonardo da Vinci High School
320 Porter Avenue
, New York, 14201

Ø Standard Letter size (9.5x4) requires  -        2- . 44 cent stamps

Ø Large Manilla Envelope requires -                  4- . 44 cent stamps

Ø Postage paid envelopes are accepted and do not require postage.


All APPLICATIONS for colleges and/or scholarships should be turned in to no later than 10 days before the deadline. Applications must be complete and include a STAMPED envelope. At NO TIME can a student have an Official Transcript.



4)                  Application Deadlines

It is the student’s responsibility to know the specific deadlines for each college he or she applies to. Early Admissions deadlines can be as early as October. Make sure turn in your completed application at least 10 days prior to the deadline. As a rule of thumb, REGULAR ADMISSIONS APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY DECEMBER 3 OF YOUR SENIOR YEAR.