Grade 5 Policies

  • Policies for grade 5 Math and Science:
    1. Bring needed materials daily...pencil, assignment notebook, notebook and folder.
    2. All homework must be handed in the day it is due for full credit.  Late homework is always accepted but will not be able to receive full credit.  A conversation will be had to explain credit taken off depending on when assignment is handed in.
    3. All students are expected to participate in class daily.  This includes whole group, group discussions and/or stations.  A daily grade is given on participation. 
    4. Weekly progress reports are given on Friday and are expected back on Monday with a parent signature.
    5. My grading policy is 10% participation, 10% class work, 15% homework 15% quizzes/sprints and 50% tests/assessments and projects.
    6. All questions and/or concerns can be shared via contacting me.  Email: Kasianowicz, Renee School phone: 716-816-3240, classroom 227.