Grade 5 Procedures

  • Procedures for grade 5 Math and Science:
    1. No CELL PHONES.  If your student must bring a phone to school, it will be handed in upon arrival and locked up until dismissal.  This is a school wide rule as per administration. 
    2. Students come into 227 and pick up bell-work and leave homework from front table.
    3. Breakfast is served after morning announcements and students are given 7 minutes to finish.  Voice level 0.
    4. When working in stations:  stations must be neat and organized...leave it the way you found it.
    5. When taking assessments/quizzes: voice level 0 and raise hand with any questions...points will be deducted from grade if not followed.
    6. Raise your hand to share thoughts and only one person talks at a time, teachers and students.
    7. Treat others as you want to be treated.
    8.  "If you have nothing nice to say; do not say it."
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