College Planning

  • You are probably questioning whether or not it is truly time to begin your college search. You may wonder where the time has gone.  Well, it is time to embark on your exciting college journey.

    Fascinating ... and Frustrating Process
    The process of choosing the "right" college is both fascinating and frustrating. It is fascinating because there are so many fine options among which to choose; yet frustrating because it is difficult to know on what basis to decide:  size? prestige? location? social life; cost? strong areas of study? career interest? friends who are attending a particular college?.. the list could go on and on.

    The process  itself can be bewildering as well, a labyrinth of deadlines, forms, tests, etc. through which to maneuver.  It also can be difficult to have a good sense of which colleges are appropriate for you-based on what you have to offer them in terms of your academic credentials and personal/co-curricular strengths, as well as, what they have to offer you.

    Decisions! Decisions!
    In the coming months, you will find yourself making more decisions than you every have before. This is exactly what should be happening. As exciting, interesting, or overwhelming as the college selection process may be for you, please remember two things:

    1. All of the options you have are a result of your efforts and the opportunities you have been given.
    2. You have a support network of administrators, school counselors, and parents to assist you.  Please communicate early with them.


    Success at End of the Road
    Along the way you'll meet confusing detours and tough climbs.  You'll have moments of exhilaration and ones of discouragement as well.  While you should take the search seriously, try to enjoy it as well. The system does work - you will be admitted to college, you will go and most likely, you will have a rewarding experience where you end up.

    Happy hunting and good luck.
    With over 3,000 colleges and universities in America , helping your child to find the right “fit” can be daunting! Use these online match-up services to narrow down the search, then, check out the sites and books listed below for valuable tips on visiting and selecting schools.

  • Find It Fast!

    Click on the links below to access a collection of recommended College Planning Resources:

    College Board Tests/Exams
    Learn about the PSAT and SAT exams:  What the tests are like, how to prepare for them, when they are given and how to register.
    Planning for College
    Find out what you need to do to gear up for college in your senior year.  Recommended sites offer timelines to help you prepare and tools to help you select the right school.
    Choosing/applying to College
    Choosing and applying to college takes thought, effort, and organization. Here is help to guide your through that process.
    College costs / Financial Aid
    Understand and look at all of your options when it comes to paying for college.
    College Fair Information
    Meet college representatives –face to face– at a college fair in Buffalo or out of town. Get dates, locations and tips to get the most out your experience.
    College Search Assistance
    Here is an online guide to US Colleges and Universities and links to online tools to help you choose the school right for you. A good place to start your search!

    NCAA 2019-2020 Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete


    NCAA 2019-2020 How to Register


    Here are important Resources with information on the NCAA Eligibility requirements for Student Athletes, Parents and School Counselors.