Online Colleges in New York

  • Top New York Online Schools for 2015

    *This is part of Edudemic’s series of online college rankings. Learn more about our rankings in the Online College Report section.

    New York has a wide range of degree programs for online students in the state. With 13 different school choices, and an average of 19 Bachelor’s degrees per school, there’s no shortage of options. The best online school in New York is New York University. Despite an exceptionally high tuition rate, their international reputation, strong performance indicators, and robust support services helped them lock up the number one spot on our rankings.

    We arrived at this conclusion after taking a close look at 473 New York colleges. We sent them written surveys, called them on the phone, and even scoured the internet for additional information about their online programs. Then we took all of the data and put it through the Edudemic College Methodology. You can find a recap of this methodology at the end of the report, or just use the left-hand menu bar to jump right there. The result is a comprehensive look at online education in New York.

    If you are looking to study a traditional subject, such as Social Sciences, Healthcare, and Criminal Justice, you’ll have multiple options in New York. Even less common majors, such as English, have more than one school offering a degree. However, if you are looking to study Engineering or Education online, you might have to look out of state.

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