• University Pediatrics Dentistry

    Gateway to a Dental Home

    In order to provide for the oral health needs of children in Western New York, University Pediatric Dentistry (UPD) has partnered with the Buffalo Public Schools and created a program called “Gateway to a Dental Home.” As part of this program, UPD will send a team to your child’s school to complete dental screenings. If it is determined during the screening that your child needs treatment, he/she will be provided round trip transportation from his/her School to our office at 1100 Main Street, Buffalo, NY 14209. We want to make it as convenient as possible for your child to receive care so we will handle any billing to your insurance company for this treatment, and you will only be responsible for charges and copays not covered.

    The Program was designed so your child will miss a minimum amount of time in school. The whole process will take only 60 minutes. For your child to participate in the program, we will need your assistance. Please complete the forms below and return them to your child’s school immediately.

    Our goal at University Pediatric Dentistry is to help children look and feel their very best through excellent dental care. We look forward to seeing and treating your child at our office. With a healthy mouth, your son/daughter can then focus on doing well in school. If you have another child/children in need of a dental exam, please call our office at 242-8200. Please call Tracey at (716) 479-9740 if you have any questions regarding this program.