Project ACT Heading
  • Project A.C.T. (Assisting Pregnant and Care-giving Teens Program), is an outreach program that provides services to pregnant and/or parenting teens (mothers and fathers, including their caregivers) attending Buffalo Public Schools.

  • Project A.C.T. Overview of Provided Services:

    • Resources on pregnancy, child rearing, and home-life.
    • Assistance with completing and submitting important paperwork, such as for:
    • Family Court o Paternity o Child support o Day Care Vouchers
    • BPS Pre-school Applications
    • Assistance with scheduling and keeping medical appointments.
    • Help with academic needs including home instruction and tutoring programs.
    • Monitoring of academic and career goal paths and achievement.
    • Referrals to community organizations that specialize in working with pregnant and parenting teens.
    • School and home visitation
    • Provision of new and gently used baby items
  • Referral Process:

    Students are referred by BPS staff, by community organizations, or self-referral. Project A.C.T. coordinates support services by forming links between families, community agencies and schools. Additionally, Project A.C.T. provides resource services and information that supports both the student’s and the child’s physical, social, and emotional development.

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