City of Buffalo Wellness Program

  • City of Buffalo Wellness Program
    Be Active

    For over 20 years the B-Well Walking Program and its many partners continue working to change city and regional culture to support physical activities, like walking, by offering guided community walks, free of charge. The walks, which promote regular physical activity and its health and economic benefits, also encourage relationship building among citizens of, and visitors to, the Wester New York community.

    What began as a single event has now evolved into a year-long schedule of walks, taking into account and embracing the opportunities provided by four distinct seasons, as well as the historic, geologic, and architectural features unique to the region. Recently the Wellness Institute was awarded a grant by the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors to develop a walkability assessment training program.

    Upcoming Events

    • April 20: Buffalo & Erie County Public Library Wellness Fair (Free 12:00 noon walk Wellness Fair from 10:00 am – 1:00 pm, 1 Lafayette Sq., Buffalo, NY)

    • April 27: National Walk at Lunch Day (12:00 noon, Niagara Sq.). Free 30 minute walk provided by the City of Buffalo’s B-Well Program. Downtown Employees encouraged to attend!

    • For a complete schedule of walks offered by the Wellness Institute of Greater Buffalo (including “Movin’ in May,” a month-long program of healthy, educational walks through Downtown Buffalo), please visit:, and click on “Upcoming Events”.

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