Class One

  • Class 1: Getting Started

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    What can be put on a BPS Teacher Page?

    • Homework
    • Grading & Project Information
    • Supply List
    • Classroom News
    • Class Notes, Assignments & Homework
    • Calendar
    • Quizes
    • Forms
    • Message Boards & Blogs
    • Student Recognition & Work
    • Puzzles & Word Searches
    • Videos & Podcasts
    • Links to Resources
    • Slide Shows
    • Interactive Resources
    • Contact Information
    • Family Communication


    What can't be put on a BPS Teacher Page?


    What is a Home Page?

    1. Reasons to Have a Web Page and Examples
    2. Kenmore West High School Science Teacher  & White Station Chemistry Teacher


    Writing for Web Pages:


    Enable Cookies:


    Think about what you want to include on your web page and then write down the answers to the following questions.  You don't need to have everything thought out, just have a starting point for next week.

    • What is the purpose of the page? 
    • What subpages will you need?
    • Are there pages you want to link to? 

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