Becoming an Administrator/Principal Selection Process

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    Buffalo Public Schools believes that an effective administrator works to build a culture of excellence and inclusiveness on their campus, through providing useful instructional feedback, coaching and mentoring their teachers, and continuous process and system improvements.  We’re looking for administrators who demonstrate leadership, vision, and who will go above and beyond to ensure the teachers and students on their campus have the best chance for success.

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    The Building Administrator Selection Process

    The Human Resources Department is committed to having a selection process that is transparent and respects the profession of a Buffalo Public Schools Administrator.  We have designed our Administrator process to provide applicants with the opportunity to demonstrate their qualifications as they relate to the job requirements.

    Steps in BPS' Administrative Selection Process

    Administrator Hiring Process


    Step 1:           An Administrator vacancy is identified


    Step 2:             Recruitment bulletin processed - general or school specific, signed by Superintendent and posted by Human Resources Department

    In the spring, the Human Resources Department posts a general recruitment bulletin for district-wide vacancies for Principal and Assistant Principal.  A candidate pool is established over the summer for Fall Assignments.  Location specific bulletins are posted at all other times during the school year.


    Step 3:           Recruitment bulletin is posted for a minimum of 10 days (school days)


    Step 4:            Applicants apply to vacancies and are pre-screened to ensure that minimum qualifications are met.  Proper certification and proof of years of experience at time of application is required to be considered for an interview.  Candidates are expected to use the Buffalo Resume Template (see below in Related Files) to format their resumes.


    Step 5:           If applicants meet minimum qualifications they are invited to participate in Round I interviews. 


    Round I Interview:


    Candidates will be invited to participate in a 30-minute panel-style interview with a committee that may consist of BPS Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers and Parents.  Candidates will be scored based on the thoroughness of their responses.  The threshold for moving forward in the process is an 80% proficiency rating.


     Step 6:            Round II interview conducted


    Round II Interview:


    Principal candidates will be asked to prepare a 100-day plan for an identified school.

    Candidates will be notified a week prior to the interview taking place.


    Assistant Principal candidates may be asked to prepare a written sample on a task provided by the Human Resources Department.


     Candidates will be asked to present their work for approximately 15 minutes and then will participate in a 30-minute panel-style interview with a committee that may consist of BPS Associate Superintendents, Principals, Assistant Principals, Teachers and Parents. 


    Candidates will answer questions, in the following categories:

    1. AchievementCompetency Questions
    2. Impact and Influence Competency Question
    3. Two additional questions from the set of Critical Competencies: Monitoring and Directiveness Competency Question, Team Leadership Competency Question, or Self-Confidence Competency Question.


    Candidates will be scored based on the thoroughness of their responses.  The threshold for moving forward in the process is an 80% proficiency rating.


     Step 7:               Candidates that have scored proficient will be invited to a personal interview with the Superintendent of Schools.  If successful in meeting with the Superintendent, they will then be placed in the Administrator candidate pool.


    Step 8:             Once a selection of an Administrator is made, the Human Resources Department is notified and a job offer is extended.  Once accepted, the successful candidate is presented to the Board of Education at the next Board of Education meeting for their consideration and approval. Human Resources also documents the process and submits letter of selection and resume to the Board of Education members.



    IMPORTANT:              Please know that the Superintendent of Schools has the ability to assign an Administrator to any school building in the district.  The process outlined above is only in place for the Administrator vacancies that are not directly assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.


    Updated August 2019


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