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    The Buffalo City School District is proud of the opportunities and advantages we offer to

    our employees and we are committed to providing high-quality benefits and programs 

    designed to meet the needs of our dedicated and diverse community.





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    Telemedicine is now available          


    Did you know that our district health insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield participates with Doctor on Demand?  Telemedicine is included in our coverage and is a convenient resource for urgent, but nonemergency, medical issues.  Employees and their dependents can avoid spending time in waiting rooms and can speak with doctors 24/7, often with only a few minutes of wait time, from the comfort of their own home, workplace or while traveling. Examples of what can be treated include:


    Urgent Care   Preventative Health
    *  Cold & Flu *  Skin Conditions   *  Wellness Visits *  Family Medicine
    *  Women's Health *  Men's Health   *  Women's Health *  Men's Health
    *  Allergies *  Headaches   *  Medication Management *  Diet & Nutrition
    *  Nausea & vomiting *  Asthma   *  Smoking Cessation *  Lifestyle Counseling
    Behavioral Health   Chronic Care
    *  Anxiety *  Relationship Issues   *  Asthma *  Thyroid
    *  Depression *  Trauma and Loss   *  Diabetes *  High Cholesterol
    *  Panic Attacks *  Insomnia   *  High Blood Pressure *  Weight Management
    *  Anger Management *  Screenings   *  Exercise Tolerance *  Lab Screenings



    Go to doctorondemand.com or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play.  It takes less than ten minutes to create your account. 


    Frequently Asked Questions


    • I tried entering an account for Doctor on Demand.  What are we using as our employer name?  Buffalo Public Schools doesn't work.  Our access to Doctor on Demand is through their partnership with BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York, and not the Buffalo Public Schools. Therefore, please select the “skip” option on the employer page and go straight to the health insurance section.  There are over a dozen Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations listed, and because we are of “Western New York,” we are the last one.  Type in Blue Cross and use the down arrow to find ours.  Once you enter your BCBS member ID and group ID, the site will recognize it.   If you continue to have access issues, please call their Customer Support Team at 1-800-997-6196.


    • How does this work with co-pays? The cost will always mirror the Primary Care Physician (PCP) cost share. So if your PCP copay is $8, you’ll pay $8 for all Telemedicine visits, whether they are for medical or mental health appointments. If you’re on a Traditional plan and PCP is subject to deductible and coinsurance, Telemedicine works the same way. You only pay when you speak with a doctor, there are no monthly or yearly subscription fees.  Doctor on Demand accepts all major credit cards, such as: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  You may also pay using your HAS or FSA debit card. 


    • Are family members allowed to sign-up? Do they create their own account? What about children? Adult dependents must create their own accounts. If you need service for a child under 18, you sign in as yourself and when you click “see a doctor” or “schedule an appointment” it will give you the option of setting that up for a child or yourself. 



    With the return of snow and ice during this time of year, everyone is encouraged to

    Walk Safe This Winter!


    Our School and Building Engineers and their staff work tirelessly to keep employees and students safe when walking on District property.  However, as we all know, winter weather in Buffalo is persistent and changeable.  As such, please review the following helpful hints: 


    1. Wear Proper Footwear: wear shoes/boots with heavy treading and a flat bottom
    2. Wear items that help you see and be seen: wear sunglasses so you can see when the sun is reflecting off the snow
    3. Plan ahead: walk consciously on sidewalks and parking lots in case of ice.  Look up to see where the next icy spots are.
    4. Listen: avoid listening to music or talking on the phone while walking in icy or snowy conditions.
    5. Anticipate ice: What appears to be wet pavement may be black ice, so approach with caution.
    6. Take steps slowly: when walking up/down stairs and ramps, take slow and deliberate steps. 
    7. Keep your hands free: wear gloves and when possible keep your hands out of your pockets to have your arms help with your balance and protection should your slip.


    Walk like a penguin




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