Forever Blue - Retiree Medicare Advantage Plan

  • Forever Blue Medicare Advantage Plan

    This health insurance plan is available only to retirees & their eligible dependents (who are enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B) having mandatory enrollment as negotiated. 


    Union Retirement Date Passport PPO Forever Blue
    BCSA Before 9/20/2017 Voluntary Ineligible
    BCSA On or after 9/20/2017 Ineligible Mandatory
    BEST Before 7/1/2021 Voluntary Ineligible
    BEST On or after 7/1/2021 Mandatory Ineligible
    BTF Regardless of retirement date Voluntary Ineligible
    Local 264 Cook Managers Before 7/1/2014 Voluntary Ineligible
    Local 264 Cook Managers On or after 7/1/2014 Ineligible Mandatory
    Local 264 Service Center Before 7/11/2012 Voluntary Ineligible
    Local 264 Service Center On or after 7/11/2012 Ineligible Mandatory
    Local 409 Before 12/21/22 Voluntary Ineligible
    Local 409 On or after 12/21/22 Mandatory Ineligible
    PCTEA Before 7/1/2012 Voluntary Ineligible
    PCTEA On or after 7/1/2012 Ineligible Mandatory


    In addition to basic insurance coverage, the plan offers added value benefits such as:


    $500 annual dental allowance for each enrolled participant

    $400 annual vision allowance for each enrolled participant

    No-cost gym membership at all Silver Sneakers participating facilities

    •Annual physical – Zero co-pay

    •Most immunizations– Zero co-pay (shingles shot only $7)

    •Preventative care (such as mammograms and bone density tests) – Zero co-pay

    Zero co-pay for physician visits following hospitalization or admission to an outpatient hospital facility for follow-up

    •Zero co-pay  for compression stockings

    •Zero co-pay for diabetic supplies

    •Tru Hearing benefit: Hearing aids at a cost of either $699 or $999 per device, based on the model selected by the member.


    Below you will find enrollment forms and a summary of the benefits for the two plans.



    Applicants whose address with Medicare is registered within one of the five counties of Western New York. 



    Applicants whose address with Medicare is registered outside of the five Western New York counties.


    Email or call the Benefits Office: or 716-816-3754 to obtain an information packet and enrollment form.



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