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    Content Questions: 

    Answer these questions based on your reading and research. The numbers and letters in the brackets after each question will help you identify in which resource the answer can be found.

    What did the first farming tool look like? [A1]

    Did the Egyptians invent farming? [A1]

    List 2 Egyptian inventions that made it possible to farm in really dry areas? [A1/A3]

    How did Egyptians make farming better? [A2]

    What was the “Gift of the Nile”? [A3]

    How did flooding help with plowing? [A3]

    What did the surplus (extra) food allow Egyptians to do? [A3]

    What did the Egyptians do to help with the problem that the flood was not always bringing water at the same time each year? [A3]

    Define silt. [A3]

    List 2 ways flood water helped with farming. [A3/A4]

    List 5 foods the Egyptians grew. [A5]

    How is your life different from an ancient Egyptian Farmer's? [A6]

    When was the Ancient Egyptian Period? [A7]

    Guiding Questions: 

    Answer these questions based on your reading and research. Identify a possible "turning point" (transformational event/key idea/invention that changed the course of history) and fully answer the questions below. Write your items in the blank row directly below each question.

    What was the innovation? ("key idea", "turning point", "transformational event")

    Who was involved?

    When was the time period?

    Where did this innovation occur?

    What was life like before the innovation (you may have to infer this)?

    *Can you identify a specific cause for this innovation? (bonus question)

    How did life or culture change after the innovation?

    Why could this be considered a turning point (go back to your definition of Turning Point)?

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