Religious Practices

  • Resources:
    Resource Citation
    R1 PBS Egypt's Golden Empire
    R2 Gods and Goddesses
    R3 Egyptian Mumification- click on the link towards the bottom of the right column
    R4 Clickable Coffin  
    R5 Ancient Egypt and the Modern World-cilck on the link in the left column called "Beneath the Bandages"
    R6 You Wouldn't Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy
    R7 Timeline of Ancient Egypt  

    Content Questions: 

    Answer these questions based on your reading and research. The numbers and letters in the brackets after each question will help you identify in which resource the answer can be found.

    How did the ancient Egyptians explain things they did not understand? [R1]

    List three ancient Egyptian gods and what they were responsible for? [R2]

    List two differences between the most expensive mummification and the cheapest mummification. [R3]

    How was natron helpful in mummification? [R3]

    What is a sarcophagus? [R3]

    In the movie about the Getty Museum’s mummy, what two items were added to the mummy by the embalmer? [R3]

    What body parts are usually removed from a mummy? [R3/R6]

    In the movie by Dr Zahi Hawass, why did the Egyptians mummify the dead? [R3/R6]

    What did Anubis look like?[R3]

    What kinds of pictures and writing were painted on the coffins? [R4]

    Why were “eyes” painted on coffins? [R4]

    How did Egyptian mummification help doctors in other future societies? [R5]

    When was the Ancient Egyptian Period? [R7]

    Guiding Questions: 

    Answer these questions based on your reading and research. Identify a possible "turning point" (transformational event/key idea/invention that changed the course of history) and fully answer the questions below. Write your items in the blank row directly below each question.

    What was the innovation? ("key idea", "turning point", "transformational event")

    Who was involved?

    When was the time period?

    Where did this innovation occur?

    What was life like before the innovation (you may have to infer this)?

    *Can you identify a specific cause for this innovation? (bonus question)

    How did life or culture change after the innovation?

    Why could this be considered a turning point (go back to your definition of Turning Point)?