Transcript of Archaeology Video

  • Transcript of the Video Excerpt: Archaeologists- Career Spotlight


    Joy: What most people think about when they think of archaeologists is going out in the field and digging things up and finding bones and pots and things like that. And that’s certainly a big part of what goes into archaeology. But probably the bigger part, and the more important part is being able to explain what those bits and pieces actually mean. We use things like shovels and sometimes picks. We also use smaller tools like trowels or smaller digging spades.


    Kate: One of the tools that we use is something called a screen. Which it’s sort of like your window screen, but a little bigger. And we put the dirt in there and shake it. So what that does is it separates all the smaller dirt particles from the artifacts (handmade objects) and then you look through what remains in the screen.



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