Unit Outline - Grade 6

  • Write Clicks is a co-teaching experience. Instructional Technology Coaches and classroom teachers collaborate to plan and deliver every lesson together. Social Studies content and technology skills are blended throughout. This unit takes approximately 15 - 20 contact days to complete.

    The theme for this unit is "Turning Points"

    What skills do we already have and what kind of skills will we need?

    What is the difference between a turning point and change?

    What do we all need to know about this particular period in time in order to understand it?

    Why is it important to evaluate information on the Web and how do we do it?

    What will we be asked to produce and how will our work be judged?

    Lesson 6: Research and Essay composition (3-4 days for research, 2-3 days for essay writing)
    What are the important facts about my research topic? 
    Is there a turning point? If so, why would we consider it a turning point? If not, why not?

    Lesson 7: Multimedia Presentation Creation (2-3 days)
    How can we present our findings in a way that our peers will understand and enjoy?

    Lesson 8: Celebration of Success: Student Presentations (1 day)
    What did we learn during this process? Can we learn from one another's work?