Lesson 2: Turning Points- how do we define them?

  • Warmup: iPad Skills

    Review:  Student will review information from Day 1 including
    • care and handling of the iPad 
    • Names and purpose of Apps used
    • Skills including copy and paste functions and taking screen shots
    Students will take photos of things around them using the camera (interesting images, maps, illustrations).  They will the create a photo album (First Name) on their iPad and put their photos in it.  This will be a cleanup task whenever photos are saved to their iPads

    Activity: Students will download the Textbook PDF into Goodreader
    • Goto the BPS Write Clicks Page
    • Click on Student Text
    • Enter the password (from teacher)
    • Find your textbook and tap the image to preview
    • Take a screenshot of the first page
    • Open In Goodreader
    • Rename it by adding your first name to the beginning of the file name
    • Preview using Goodreader to view the text.

    What is a turning point?

    • Class Discussion of turning point vs. change
    • Activity:  Students Create a Note (FirstName: Turning Point Definition)-- 
    • Discussion:  Turning Point Examples (i.e. various telephones)
    • Activity: Refine the definition
    Includes some examples if possible.
    (Bonus- Use a Bullet list to list your examples!)

    Class discussion of student definitions.  
    What are the key features that define a turning point?

    Activity:  Students will work in groups to examine two topics and determine which topic would be considered a turning point and which topic would be considered change.
        » Mount Vesuvius 
        » Eyjafjallajökull 
        » Ballpoint Pen 
        » Printing Press 
        » The Erie Canal 
        » Black Rock Canal 
        » Jackie Robinson 
        » Michael Phelps
    After groups share out, class will develop and agree on a class definition of turning point which they will type in their notebook in boldface.