Lesson Plan

  • Part 2: Turning Point Introduction

    Lesson Objectives:


    1. Students will use the camera tool on the iPad to successfully take two pictures of their textbook, and create an album to put them in and accurately name the album with their own name.

    2. Students will learn how to successfully access the online version of their textbook using the iPad.

    3. Students will be able to accurately define a turning point.

    4. Students will be able to list 3 out of 5 essential conditions used to determine if an event or innovation is a turning point:

    Preparation: Teacher page should be prepared with agenda for the day along with link to the online textbook.

    Instructional Activities and Strategies:


    Teaching Activity Type

    Digital Application

    Engage in Technology:Students will be asked to use the camera tool to take two photos of two pictures in the appropriate chapter of their text book.  They will be directed to open the photo app, create an album with their name, and put the photos in it.





    Apps include:

    Camera tool

    Photos/Camera Roll


    ITC will model the use of the link on the iPad desktop to the teacher page. Students will then be shown how to access the online textbook using the link on the teacher page and the appropriate password. ITC will also demonstrate how to open the online textbook, review how to take a screen shot, and demonstrate how to open the textbook in Goodreader.




    Apps include:



    Guided Practice and Exploration:

    Students will:

    -        access the online textbook

    -        take a screenshot of the first page

    -        open the book in Goodreader

    -        rename the file

    -        preview the textbook


    Carry out procedures


    Apps include:




    Independent Practice and Elaboration (optional):

    Students will access the online textbook in Safari or iBooks and find the same images that they took pictures of in the paper text. They will save a screen shot of the same photos into the photo album that they created earlier.


    Practice Procedures


    Apps include:



    Camera tool

    Photos/Camera Roll


    Teachers will walk around the room to check each photo album for success.



     Present or Demonstrate


    Apps include:



    Camera tool

    Photos/Camera Roll


    Discussion change vs turning points- task: collectively create a rough definition of TP


    In YOUR Evernote Notebook, create a Note called YOURName- Turning Point Definition

    In your own words, write down what you think a turning point is.  Include examples if possible. (Bonus- Use a Bullet list to list your examples!)


    Group Discussion

    Display teacher iPad or use ActivInspire

    Apps include:


    Guided Practice and Exploration:

    View images of the first phone, a rotary phone, a touch tone phone and an iPhone via google images

    Discuss whether each invention is a turning point or merely a change.

    [Optional: Create an Inspiration diagram comparing and contrasting before and after the telephone or smart phone was invented]

    Direct students to link on teacher page which will take them to the National History Day definition of Turning Point and have them copy and paste the definition into their Evernonte notebook.

    Direct students to read definition and then paraphrase aloud.

    view images, answer questions:


    Did the innovation:

    change life, affect people, spread worldwide and was it significant

    Graphic Organizer Software or App

    Teacher/Write Clicks web site

    Independent Practice and Elaboration:

    Small group activity- determine if the events/innovations are Turning Points or merely change.

    Consider if a TP can have direct/indirect consequences?

    compare/contrast pair/trio-quick research one of the topics below & shareout discussion about:

    1.     Mt. Vesuvius/Eyjafjallajökull

    2.     the ball point pen/the printing press

    3.     the Erie Canal/Black Rock Canal

    4.     Jackie Robinson/Michael Phelps

    group discussion, consider evidence,


    determine if specific innovations or events are Turning Points


    Mt. Vesuvius


    the ball point pen

    Printing press

    The Erie Canal

    The Black Rock Canal

    Jackie Robinson

    Michael Phelps


    return to student definition- refine and combine to create a class definition.

    Students will add final definition to their Evernote Notebook in boldface.

    Teacher can check all notebooks for student success.

    Revising and Publishing


    Resources, Materials and Technology Needed:


    Apps include:


    Graphic Organizer App like iBrainstorm


    Laptop with ActivInspire


    Teacher Web page with links prepared.