Life Insurance






    The District provides a life insurance policy at no cost to you if you are a member of one of the unions listed below.  The policy is only for the employee (no dependents are eligible) and ceases upon separation. 



    Beneficiary designations allow assets to pass directly to whomever you designate, thus by-passing the costs and time involved with the probate process.  You can name almost anyone or anything as a beneficiary, including individuals, charities, and trusts.  If you name children under the majority age, their legal guardian will be required to sign the paperwork before death benefits can be released.  

    Beneficiary designations generally go into effect immediately following your death and they override your will. What does this mean? If you marry and divorce, then marry again and forget to change the beneficiary on your life insurance or annuity, your new spouse will not receive those assets despite the fact that your will states you want everything to go to him or her. Also, if your primary and contingent (secondary) beneficiaries predecease you and you haven’t updated your beneficiary designations, the asset may pass to your estate where it will become subject to probate.

    If you neglect to name a beneficiary on nonretirement assets, the asset will typically be added to your estate and distributed according to your will.  Making and maintaining beneficiary designations is an essential part of everyone’s financial plan. Neglecting your beneficiary designations might mean that assets that typically avoid probate may become part of your estate and be subject to the associated time and costs of that process. Making and maintaining your beneficiary designations allows you to show your love, appreciation, and support for those important to you.



    Employees who separate from the district, through resignation or retirement, have the option of converting the group life insurance policy to an individual life insurance policy.  Please complete and submit the conversion form directly to Guardian Life Insurance.

    Conversion Form




    BCSA (Administrators), BTF (Teachers),

    Local 264 and 409

    Age 70 and older


    Age 60 but less than 70


    Age 50 but less than 60


    Less than age 50


    BCSA Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form
    BTF Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form
    LOCAL 264 Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form

    LOCAL 409 Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form





    PCTEA Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form

    BEST (Teacher Aides and Assistants)











     BEST Group Life Insurance Enrollment Form