Commuter Benefit Plan (CBP)

  • Commuter Benefit Plan

    The Commuter Benefit Plan allows you to set aside tax-free money for mass transit and parking expenses associated with your employment.  Members of BCSA, BEST, PCTEA and Exempt Administrators are eligible for this benefit.  


    Participating in the Commuter Benefit Plan will enable you to save taxes on the money you use to pay for work-related mass transit and parking. You may elect to reduce your taxable pay by the amount you expect to pay for parking and or transit. The amount you elect is withheld from your paycheck. Your payroll withholdings are credited to an account that is available to pay the cost of your eligible expenses.  


    P&A Group Enrollment Form

    Eligible employees may enroll in or change contributions to a Commuter Benefit Plan

    at any time during the year

    Cars in Parking Lot  

    Parking (tax shelter the cost of your Parking expenses)

    • Maximum annual election -  $300 per month
    • Minimum annual election -   $10 per pay


    NFTA Tunnel

    Mass Transit (tax shelter the cost of your Mass Transit expenses)

     Debit cards must be used to purchase NFTA passes.  The IRS does not allow for Transit reimbursement claims.

    • Maximum annual election - $300 per month
    • Minimum annual election -  $10 per pay




    Provider: P&A Group

    Telephone: 1-800-688-2611 (Mon. thru Fri. 8:30 am to 10:00 pm) 


    P&A Group provides a Participant Portal to help you manage your accounts. Registration directions can be found in the Related Links below.



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