Workers' Compensation




    Our School and Building Engineers and their staff work tirelessly to keep employees and students safe.  However, incidents and injuries are an unfortunate part of the workplace. You cannot lose your job because you reported an incident or if you are injured at work.  Please refer to your union contract for more detailed information regarding benefits available to you while out on Workers’ Compensation.



    Information & Workplace Injury Form

    All employees who experience an accident or incident must report it to the District.  Please encourage all witnesses to the accident/injury to submit a Witness Statement Form.


    The Personal Accident Form & the Witness Accident Form are below and created by using Adobe Sign.  These forms can be electronically completed and once you have verified your electronic signature via email, they are directly submitted to the Workers Compensation Office. 




    Personal Accident Form


    Witness Accident Form



    Upon completion of the personal accident form and (if applicable) witness accident form, these will automatically be electronically routed to the WC Office, which will contact your Supervisor and our Third Party Administrator (PMA).  Once processed by the WC Office, a claim number will be sent directly to you via email. 





    Medical Treatment

    If you are injured at work it is always advisable to seek medical attention immediately. You will not be charged with the time off on the date of injury. Future appointments require the use of your own accruals unless your doctor disables you from work. 


    If you need help finding a Health Care Provider who is authorized by the Workers' Compensation Board to treat injured workers, please consider one of the PMA partners: WC Providers in WNY This list is not a complete list of WC providers, and injured workers are encouraged to consider other potential providers to meet their medical needs.  


    You are greatly encouraged to read the Related Files below: Workers' Compensation Basic Guide and Guide for Workers' Compensation Claims to better understand your rights and the process for treatment, equipment, and time off from work associated with a workplace injury.




    Legal Representation

    If you wish to exercise your right to legal representation, the New York State Workers' Compensation Board provides a listing of licensed professionals who practice Workers Compensation Law: Finding Legal Representation


    Hiring legal representation is optional and therefore, the Buffalo City School District is not responsible for your legal fees.  If there is money awarded in your case, your attorney fees may be deducted from that award and paid directly to your attorney by the insurance carrier.  If there is not a money award in your case, your attorney fees shall be deducted from your sick time accruals or you will be responsible for paying the attorney fee out of pocket.   


    If you have any further questions, please email or call the Workers' Compensation Desk at 816-3936.




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