• How to submit a leave of absence

    Employees shall be eligible for leaves of absence after completion of their probationary period.  Requests for short-term leave of absence (less than 20 consecutive work days) shall be made to the employee's supervisor and managed by their school or department. Submit your leave request via EmpCenter and/or the identified method of communication made by your supervisor.


    Requests for long-term leave of absence (20 of more consecutive work days) shall be made to Human Resources and managed by an assigned HR Team member.  Complete the Leave of Absence request form found at www.buffaloschools.org/leaveofabsence and submit it to HRLeaves@buffaloschools.org.  


    In either instance, documentation may be requested and supplied to support the purpose of the leave and authorization or denial of the leave of absence request will be communicated in a timely manner.


    How a leave of absence may impact health insurance.

    Some leave of absence types are without pay.  When a BCSA employee takes an unpaid leave of absence (highlighted below in blue) from the District, their health insurance coverage will be impacted.  Employees can expect their health insurance coverage to remain active until the end of the month in which the unpaid leave of absence was granted.  The Benefits Department shall have 30 days from the date that the unpaid leave of absence began to provide the employee with all pertinent COBRA information and applications. 


    Leave Type


    Administrative Governed by BPS policies & Education Laws (3020a, etc)

    1 year w/o pay
    renewable for additional year - 2 yrs total
    per child but limited to 2 children




    5 days for immediate family
    0 days for extended family & friends



    Child Care

    Intendend for children younger than school age

    1 year w/o pay
    renewable for 2 yrs  - 3yrs total
    per child but limited to 2 children




    study must be related to higher ed program or fellowship
    not to exceed school year w/o pay




    30 days
    1st and 2nd allowance every 10 years



    Family Illness

    2 years w/o pay
    10 days to care for immediate family
    Use own sick time not to exceed 10 days




    1 year w/o pay
    2 years after 10 years of service




    1 day for self & immediate family
    2nd day w/o pay for self & immediate fam.



    Jury Duty

    Full pay for the length of jury services provided there is documentation from the court.
    Jury duty pay must be forwarded to the BPS




    time for the duration of medical order
    used when sick time has been exhausted




    Governed by USERRA




    5 days
    can not take day before or after holiday
    48 hour notice required




    4 weeks w/o pay maximum 6 years if elected to office




    6 months for full pay - 7 yrs of service needed
    1 year for half pay - 7 yrs of service needed




    12 days-Building Admin per year
    14 days-Central Office Admin. per school year
    220 can be accumulated
    time off not to exceed end of school year up to an
    additional 2 consecutive years w/o pay



    Sick Bank

    3 days donated (donation depends on overall bank total)
    - 17 years of service may use up to 90 days
    + 17 years of service may use up to 120 days



    Special Service

    Length of special service not to exceed school year w/o pay




    Length of travel not to exceed school year w/o pay




    1 year w/o pay




    24 days per year Assistant Superintendent titles

    20 days per year all other BCSA titles