Permanent and probationary teachers of the Buffalo City School District may be eligible for a financial benefit through the Henry A. Richmond Fund Trust.  This trust was created by a provision in the Last Will & Testament of Henry A. Richmond.  It provides income to teachers who were/are temporarily unable to perform their duties due to personal or family illness and have exhausted all sources of income.


    The approved categories for qualification include :


    1. Personal illness or disability;


    2. a sick or disabled child (shall include biological, adopted, or step-child) in need of care;


    3. a sick or disabled spouse in need of care; 


    4. a sick or disabled parent in need of care;


    5. a sick or disabled parent of a spouse in need of care; and


    6. FMLA for child bonding.


    Teachers who find themselves in these circumstances are eligible for up to two (2) weeks' salary.




    Instruction on how to use Adobe Sign to Submit your Application


    Sample of Completed Application for Richmond Trust Fund


    1. Access and fill out the W-9 Form.  Scan or take a photo of the completed form to upload with the application (PDF or JPG attachments only). 


    1. Obtain documentation from a medical professional attesting that the employee or their relative is under their care and as such the employee is unable to work.  Scan or take a photo of the completed form to upload with the application (PDF or JPG attachments only).


    1. Obtain documentation of your relationship with the family member who is in need of care.   Scan or take a photo of documentation to upload with the application (PDF or JPG attachments only).


    1. 2023 Application Submit the completed application with all required documentation AND the W-9 Form.  Submit electronically using Adobe Sign. Scroll up for instructions. 


    You are greatly encouraged to email questions to BENEFITS @BUFFALOSCHOOLS.ORG. If you do not have access to email, please call 716-816-3754, prompt 1. 


    Approval Process 

    Applications will be reviewed and processed by the Benefits Office within the month they are received.  Applicants will be forwarded to the Trust Officers on/about the 10th of the following month.  The Trust Officers will review and determine whether all requirements are met, prior to the approval or denial of the monetary award.  Awards are distributed based on the order in which applications are received and qualified.  


    Please note: there is a cap on the total amount awarded each year.  Applications received after the maximum amount has been paid out will be rejected by the Trust Officers.  


     Negotiated Leave of Absence for BTF members


    How to submit a leave of absence

    Employees shall be eligible for leaves of absence after the completion of their probationary period.  Requests for short-term leave of absence (less than 20 consecutive workdays) shall be made to the employee's supervisor and managed by their school or department. Submit your leave request via EmpCenter and/or the identified method of communication made by your supervisor.


    Requests for long-term leave of absence (20 or more consecutive workdays) shall be made to Human Resources and managed by an assigned HR Team member.  Complete the Leave of Absence request form found at and submit it to  


    In either instance, documentation may be requested and supplied to support the purpose of the leave, and authorization or denial of the leave of absence request will be communicated in a timely manner.


    How a leave of absence may impact health insurance

    Some leave of absence types may be without pay.  When a BTF employee takes an unpaid leave of absence (highlighted below in blue) from the District, their health insurance coverage will be impacted.  Employees can expect their health insurance coverage to remain active until the end of the month in which the unpaid leave of absence was granted.  The Benefits Department shall have 30 days from the date that the unpaid leave of absence began to provide the employee with all pertinent COBRA information and applications. 


    Leave Type


    Administrative Governed by BPS policies & NYS Ed. Laws (3020a, etc)
    Adoption 1 year w/o pay - Child is less than 1 yo at time of adoption; renewable for an additional year - 2 yrs total
    Child Care

    Intended for children younger than school age

    1 year w/o pay
    renewable for 2 yrs  - 3yrs total
    Where a consecutive birth occurs before the expiration of the original child care leave, the employee is to apply for a new child care leave.  Such leave shall be limited to 1 additional consecutive application.

    Study May be with or without pay.  Limited to study in an accredited institution of higher learning or under a fellowship grant from a recognized foundation or research organization engaged in educational research. 
    Extension 30 days with pay
    Must serve for a period of 10 years or more upon exhaustion of sick time.  Upon exhaustion of the first 30 day extension a teacher may apply for and be granted a second 30 days.
    Family Illness A leave of absence without pay shall be granted for up to two a (2) year period for the purpose of caring for a sick member of a teacher's immediate family.
    Immediate family shall include a parent, child, brother, sister, grandparent, husband, wife, parent of husband or wife, or any relative permanently residing in the personal household in which the employee resides.
    General Up to two (2) years w/o pay for permanent teachers who have completed ten (10) years of service. 
    Leaves under this provision shall be taken in units of not less than a full school year and shall begin Sept. 1 of the first year and terminate on June 30 of the final year.
    Maternity time for the duration of medical order
    used when sick time has been exhausted
    Military Governed by USERRA and may be granted with or without pay, as provided in NYS Law governing military service and training.
    Political 4 weeks w/o pay maximum 6 years if elected to office
    Relocation 1 year w/o pay for permanent teachers for the purpose of accompanying their spouse who have been relocated to another community.
      12 days per year
      250 can be accumulated
    Sick time off not to exceed the end of the school year up to an additional 2 consecutive years w/o pay
    Special Service May be granted for full-time service when such service is directly related to the teacher's area of work.  Limited to special services performed for or with an institution of higher learning, a foundation or research organization, a state education department, the US Office Education, the Peace Corps, or similar institution or organizations, plans for which shall have been submitted in writing and approved in advance.
    Travel Travel conducted by an accredited institution of higher learning for which course credit is granted by the institution.

    Travel planned cooperatively with the Superintendent of Schools, plans for which shall have been submitted in writing and approved in advance. Such plans shall constitute a predetermined program designed to improve the individual's competency.