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    Physical Education

    Course Syllabus



    General Overview:

                The Physical Education curriculum, instruction and assessment are based on the Physical Education Learning Standards set by New York State. These standards include motor development/movement, personal fitness/wellness and personal living skills. Age appropriate developmental activities will be utilized in a positive learning environment to develop the whole child physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally.

                Internationalism will be reflected in applicable activities especially by emphasizing the origin of the sport. The international aspects of various sports will be researched by students and reported on prior to the activity.


    Course Objectives:

                Students will understand the importance of developing and maintaining optimum fitness in the areas of cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, muscular strength, and body composition. Students will be able to identify the means necessary to maintain fitness throughout their life and the positive impact it has on their health and well being. The New York State Learning Standards and NASPE Standards will drive instruction.

                The program will continue to expand skill development to be able to perform at a higher level with a concentration on cooperation and teamwork through a wide variety of games, activities and organized sports. Students will develop competency in a number of team and individual sports and proficiency in a few.

                Students will develop personal living skills that serve as a foundation for becoming a productive and concerned citizen. These skills include self-reliance, social interaction and personal management.

                By the commencement level, students will have the necessary knowledge and skills to establish and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and be able to maintain health throughout their life.



    Major Units Taught:

                Corporative Activities, Football, Fitnessgram Testing, Soccer, Volleyball, Floor Hockey, Badminton, Basketball, Team handball, Softball/Baseball, jump rope, and track & field.


    Essential Questions:

                How can this activity relate to good sportsmanship?

    What safety parameters or guidelines should you observe while participating in this activity?

                How does this activity relate to your personal lifetime fitness?

                What leadership skills have you developed by participating in this activity?

                How could this activity increase your physical fitness?

                What adaptations could the team make so every athlete experiences success?


    Text/Materials Used:

                Physical Education equipment will be utilized as provided by the P. E. department.

    Grading Practice and Procedure:

                A 5 point rubric will be used for daily evaluation. Students earn 5 points each class for full effort in all activities, respecting all, being fully prepared for class and ready to participate on time. Students earn 4 points when late or not working fully to potential. Students earn 3 points, when showing little or no effort, have a poor attitude. Students earn 2 points when very little or no effort is displayed, disruptive, or disrespectful. Students earn 1 point if prepared, but refuse to participate, lack cooperation, or display a poor attitude. Students earn 0 points if unprepared. Skipping (cutting) class results in the student losing10 points for each class skipped.

                Students must change clothes in the locker room, put valuables/jewelry in a locker and secure it with their own lock. To be prepared students must change into athletic sneakers, socks, appropriate t-shirt with sleeves, shorts, and have a positive attitude. After attendance, class completes warm up exercises and stretches together prior to instruction.




    Assessments and Tests

    The New York State Physical Education Profile is a State-developed resource that may be used to provide evidence of student achievement at the commencement level for the physical education portion of the New York State Learning Standards for Health and Physical Education. Results are intended to provide evidence for 1) individual student achievement of the learning standards, and 2) the quality and effectiveness of local physical education programs.


    The New York State Physical Education Profile is a State resource providing a set of assessments to determine if students have attained the learning standards. The Profile is designed primarily to provide credible evidence of program quality based on student assessment results.


    There are two types of assessments used in the Physical Education Profile:

    1) Sport and physical activity performance assessments -  The assessments are scored on a four-point rubric. Competent performance is scored at Level 3 while proficient performance is scored at Level 4. In order to achieve Standard 1 - Key Idea A and Standard 2, students are expected to demonstrate competency in a variety of activities (six) and proficiency in a few activities (three) by the time they leave high school. These activities must represent at least three different activity groups.

    2) Cognitive performance assessments - These are opportunities for students to document their understanding and application of knowledge about personal fitness; (Learning Standard 1 - Key Idea B); safety, personal and social responsibility (Learning Standard 2); and personal and community resources for physical activity (Learning Standard


    Assignments and Written Work

                Short article reviews and short research papers using the Internet may be assigned to students who cannot participate in PE. Students who are out for extended periods will be given a project on physical fitness that will be assessed jointly with Health Education.


    Methods of Communication with Parents and Students:

                Communication with parents – A form letter will be mailed home if student is in jeopardy of a low grade or needs improvement to meet the class standards. Letters should be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher by the student. Five week warning letters will be sent home when needed. Parents will be phoned or emailed when necessary. Parents may also contact their child’s teacher with any questions or concerns by email or by phone at 816-4230.

    Mr. Krause-

    Mr. Kudla-

    Mr. Moretta-

    Mrs. Yager-

    Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and to suggest possible consequences for misbehaviors. When necessary, school administration will be involved.

    Extra Help Opportunities:

                Please feel free to ask your teachers for additional help. Students are encouraged to participate in after school activities offered through the Physical Education Department. Interested students are directed to appropriate out of school athletic opportunities when available.


    Other Specifics Particular to Course:

                Department Philosophy

                            The mission of the City Honors School Physical Education Program is to foster excellence by creating an educational experience within an atmosphere of competence, character, civility and citizenship. By providing an enriching experience, these standards will help develop a competitive spirit, good sportsmanship, and supervised group competition.



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