WIT ESSAY: General Information

    2018 WIT Essay Process
    A. Initial Investigation Worksheet & Highlighted Supervised Writing "Germs" 
    B. Introduction with full Thesis Statement (including 2-3 focal points)
    C. Completed WIT Essay (1,200-1,500 words; 12-pt Arial font; double-spaced)
    D. Conference with instructor
    E. Final Revision of WIT Essay
    F. Application of Title Page (see "WIT Essay: Title Page for template) to document
    G. Application of Works Cited Page (see "Wit Essay: Works Cited Page" for works) to document
    H. Revision and Placement of corresponding IOD Reflection at end of document
    I. Saving of Full WIT Essay Package file [without name] (Title Page/Essay/W.C./IOD Reflection) as Lastname_Firstinitial_WITEssay
    J. Submission of Full WIT Essay Package (Title Page/Essay/W.C./IOD Reflection) to turnitin.com*
    K. Submission of physical copy of Full WIT Essay Package [name hand-written] (Title Page/Essay/W.C./IOD Reflection)
    * Class ID: 18185978  / Enrollment Key: WIT2018



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