Response to Intervention (RtI)

  • Response to Intervention (RtI)

    Response to Intervention is a model for assisting students with academic difficulties and identifying students with special needs according to IDEA.  The purpose of RtI is to decrease the number of students being incorrectly identified as students who need special education services and/or who are incorrectly identified and classified with a disability.  It consists of a multi-tiered support system that provides interventions to assist students in building deficient skills, while systematically documenting the student’s response to the interventions. 

    This process of determining whether a student’s academic deficits are due to the absence of an appropriate education and the student’s response to the interventions put in place to help close the gap.  

    Tier 1 interventions are universal and benefit all students. 

    Tier 2 Interventions are targeted to the needs of specific students. 

    Tier 3 interventions are highly specialized to target the needs of specific students and could include a referral to CSE.


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