Classroom News

  • We do have 5th graders with serious peanut allergies.  If you are planning on sharing a birthday treat, please avoid any product that may contain nuts (including all tree nuts).  If your child has an allergy, feel free to send in safe treats for your child.  These may be stored in my room. 

    Please contact the main office for your password and username for the parent portal if you do not have it. There, you can monitor the progress your child is making throughout the year. Once you have your personal login information you can enter quickly by going to my homepage and clicking on parent portal.

    Remember to save Box Top for Education coupons that can be found on packages of everyday items like cereal and tissues!

    You will soon be able to access e-copies of the social studies textbook online.   These can be found on the website.  Students will log on using class2024 and the password -  math195.