• Common Core Algebra News

    9-5:  Went over syllabus.  HW - syllabus signed with parent email (due:  Friday 9/8)

    9-6:  Finished syllabus, procedures, agenda/routine, Math Is.... NO HW

    9-7:  Finished Math Is...., video, and discussion.  Notice, described, and generalized patterns.  HW - syllabus signed (due: Friday 9/8) & vocab (due Monday 9/11)

    9-8:  Typical math class questions, detailed focused vs. big picture focused, taboo sign-up, remind info, in class calculator scavenger hunt, and popsicle sticks.  HW - vocab due Monday

    9-11:  Collected Unit 1 vocab (can turn in late).  Finished scavenger hunt.  Defined Number sets.  HW - turn in any late work - vocab, syllabus, sign up for remind

    9-12:  Finished Number sets and worked on problems.  Started properties.  HW - classifying #'s, domain & range and Properties of reals & identifying properties

    9-13:  Started adding polynomials.  HW - properties of integers 1-12 (#3 - 1st page only)

    9-14:  Checked work with the calculator.  HW - properties of integers 1-11 (#3 - 2nd page)

    9-15:  Finished simplifying polynomials and checking with the calculator.  HW - pg 7