My Homework

  • Mr.Serotte's 8th grade US History


    • 4/9   Read pages 656-659. Answer the following questions... 1) Who was Carrie Chapman Catt and what strategy did she employ? 2) Who was Alice Paul and what strategy did she employ? 3) Who was Carrie Nation and what cause did she strive for?
    • 4/10   Read pages 660-662. Describe the essential differences AND  similarities between Booker T. Washington and Dr. W.E.B. DuBois.
    • 4/11-4/13 Periods 1 & 2 ONLY! Complete the SUTW Vocabulary for Chapter 21 section 1 "The Road to War" & the SSR into your notebooks for the same material. These assignments will be due on Friday April 13th.