• Soccer is a fast–paced, strategy game played by men, women, and kids. Its professional leagues have gained millions of fans around the world. It is considered as a major sport that is well-known and widely played in almost all regions of the world, except for the United States and Canada.


    In the past, soccer is identified as a popular peasant game in England and other parts of Europe. In 1363, King Edward II banned the football games (which was then referred to as mob-football) because he was troubled by the unruliness of the game in London and because it distracted the English population from practicing archery, which was necessary for war during the Middle Ages and the early modern period. An early reference to a game that was probably soccer can be traced back to 1280 at Ulgham, Northumberland, England. In Ireland, the sport was played since 1308. In 1314, Nicholas de Farndone, Lord Mayor of the City of London issued a decree banning the game in France because of the hustling and commotion that were linked to the game. The Ancient Greek and Romans have played a similar game called harpastum, adapted from the Greek game Episkyros or phaininda. The Chinese has their own version of the game that dates back to the third and first century and was described as cuju; this later spread to Japan and Korea. The Japanese version was called Kemari. In 1841, the aborigines of Victoria, Australia played a similar game called Mam Grook. In New Zealand, the Mauri also played a similar game called Ki-o-rahi.

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    Soccer Terms:

    Center back - A soccer player that is the central defender. The center backs main job is on defense. Covering and marking players in the middle area of the field. 

    Center forward - A soccer player whose main job is on offense. The center forward will usually be one of the main goal scorers. 

    Center midfielder - One of the most versatile soccer positions. The central midfielder is responsible for both offense and defense and is involved in almost every play. 

    Corner kick - A free kick from the corner of the field that is given to the offense or attacking team when a defending soccer player is the last player to touch the ball before it crossed the end line. 

    Direct free kick - a free kick where the kicker is allowed to score a goal. 

    Full back - a defensive soccer position. 

    Goalie - This is the only required soccer position per the rules. The goalie, or goalkeeper, is the only player allowed to touch the ball with their hands while in the goal box. The goalie is a defensive position. 

    Goal kick - A kick for the defending team when an offensive player was the last player to touch the soccer ball before it crossed the end line. 

    Kick-off - a kick from the middle of the soccer field that starts play. This takes place at the start of the period of play or after a goal. 

    Marking - When a defender covers an offensive player without the soccer ball. 

    Offside - a penalty called when an attacking player is in front of the ball, but behind all teh defenders but one (usually the goalie). Click here to read more about the offside rule. 

    Penalty area - an area or box near the goal. Penalties in this area may result in a penalty kick. 

    Penalty kick - a type of free kick that is taken from twelve yards out from goal and with only the goalkeeper of the defending team between the kicker and the goal 

    Sweeper - A soccer player position. This player is a defender who roams the area behind the other defenders looking to "sweep up" any passes that get through. 

    Tackling - A defensive move that steals the ball, but does not contact the offensive player. Often resulting in the offensive player falling down. 

    Throw-in - A throw from the sidelines when the opposing team was the last to touch the soccer ball prior to the ball crossing over the side line. 

    Winger - A soccer player position. The job of the winger is primarily offense and is to pass the ball to strikers that are in scoring position. 
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