After School Activities

  • After School Activities 

    When finished with homework, studying and review activities, choose an activity to complete from the list below. All activities will earn your extra credit! 

    Activity #1

    Castle Learning 

    * Go to to complete a review activity in Social Studies or Living Environment. Test yourself to see how many you can answer correctly. Go back and review previous assignments! The more you review, the more you'll know! 

    Activity #2

    New York Times Article of the Day

    * Go to and choose an article to read. Read the article and choose three reading comprehension questions to answer. You may type or hand-write your answers. 
    * Be sure to complete the "What Do You Think?" question 

    Activity #3

    Common Core Reading Activity 

    * See Mrs. Gillotti for a copy of the article & questions to answer. Answer as many questions as you can! You may work on this activity whenever you have extra time. 

    Activity #4

    Social Skills Online Games 

    * Go to or and choose a social skills game to play. Have Mrs. Gillotti check your work when finished for extra credit points. 

    Activity #5

    Brain Pop 

    * Go to and choose a video to watch. Review the video and complete the quiz. Show Mrs. Gillotti when completed for extra credit points.