Geometry Homework

  • Common Core Geometry


    Homework will be given frequently. You MUST show all work for all homework assignments to receive full credit. Here is the breakdown of points:


    2 points: Complete homework assignment with work shown.

    1 point: Homework half completed, or no work shown for the assignment.

    0 points: Homework not done at all, or less than 1/2 completed.


    Remember, I grade homework for completion and effort, NOT correctness. There is no reason why anyone should not receive 2 points on every homework assignment.


    Homework Assignments

    9/6 Get syllabus signed; construction workshee

    9/10 Module 1 Lesson 1 worksheet

    9/17 Module 1 Lesson 3 worksheet

    9/18 Module 1 Constructions G.A. 1.1 given out-due on Thursday 9/20/18.

    9/20 Study for constructions quiz tomorrow

    9/21 Log in to and study the poins of concurrency flashcards that I created for you




    Upcoming Quizzes/Tests

    9/21/18 Constructions Quiz

    9/28/18 Vocabulary quiz....Topic: points of concurrency

                                           Specific words: Circumcenter, Centroid, Angle bisectors, Median, Perpendicular bisector, Orthocenter, Incenter