Music Theory I Syllabus


    Class meets M-F for 40 weeks

    Mrs. Newton - Room 114 -



    * Develop the ability to identify how the elements of music function within a piece.


    * Sight sing intervals,chords and melodies in major and minor keys using the Solfege system.

    * Chant rhythms in various meters using a basic counting system.

    * Notate melodies, rhythms and harmonic progressions upon hearing them repeated several times. Musical examples used will reflect a wide variety of cultures and historical time periods.


    * Compose (organize, arrange) music in some medium.

    * Notating music by hand as well as use a computer-based notation program.

    * The rules of traditional harmonic part writing will be stressed.


    * acquire and use basic musical tools that are central to the understanding of music literacy and composition.


    1.) What is "music"/music theory?

    2.) The Elements of Music.

    3.) Rhythm, Meter

    4.) Scales: Major, 3 Forms of Minor

    5.) Key Signatures

    6.) Intervals

    7.) Triads (major, minor, augmented, diminished)

    7.) Chords (seventh)

    8.) Chord Inversions

    9) Cadences

    10 Rules of 4-part Writing.

    11.) Non-harmonic tones.

    12.) 4-Part Chorale Composition

    We will be covering the above in a variety of ways - class lectures, student participation, reading and demonstration, projects, etc....


    * Any classwork not finished becomes homework;

    * Projects will be worked on in class and at home.

    * Homework is due on the date given – LATE WORK IS NOT ACCEPTED unless it is due to illness or another extenuating circumstance discussed with Mrs. Newton. I

    * If you miss homework because of being absent it is your responsibility to get the assignment and turn it in on the next day.

    *You will be given one "Free Pass" for each quarter which can be used to hand in one homework assignment late (no more than 3 days without penalty.*)


    * Attendance is mandatory.

    * Students arriving late MUST have a pass and will not be allowed into class without one.

    *Skipping will not be tolerated and will result in parental and administrative notification and a lowering of your grade.


    * There is no textbook required for the course, but you are required to register for NOTEFLIGHT Music Notation Software on your personal computer. If you don't have a personal computer, you can register online for a free Noteflight account on any computer.

    * You MUST provide me with your login information because you will be completing some of your assignments using Noteflight. You will also be accessing some assignment I provide using this program.

    Extra Credit

    * There will be some opportunities to earn extra credit through participation in “My Music Days".

    Electronic Devices:

    * Use of any and all electronic devices including cell phones is prohibited unless permission is given by Mrs. Newton.

    Restroom Use:

    * Students will not be excused from class for restroom or any other reason unless it is an emergency. Please take care if restroom needs prior to class.

    Grading Policy:

    * Homework = 30%

    * Quizzes/Tests/Projects/Class Participation = 70%

    Materials Needed:

    Coming to class prepared is important in being a fully participating member of class and in gaining and practicing musical skills. Material are REQUIRED at every class.

    * Binder with pockets

    * Notebook (loose leaf in binder or wire-bound)

    * Pencils and erasers;

    * Staff/Manuscript Paper - can be purchased from a music store or downloaded and printed at (choose the style that has “no clef”)

    * No work will be accepted in anything but pencil. **

    * Coming to class without ALL of the above materials will result in a grade penalty.

    * You are expected to have all handouts every day as well as take thorough notes.

    Classroom Etiquette:

    * Students are expected to follow rules and procedures of proper classroom behavior including: being respectful to teacher and classmates, being attentive,using proper posture, not being disruptive, and being prepared. Failure to do so will result in a grading penalty.

    * When the bell rings you are in your seat, ready to go.

    * Needing to be reminded will result in contacting of parents and lowering of grade.


    *You are expected to apply yourself at all times in class and to use all available resources (websites, class instruction and handouts, etc...) to master content.

    * Mrs. Newton is here to provide extra help, but you must be proactive in seeking this out when needed.

    *The material in this class is presented so that every student has the ability to do very well and gain knowledge that will improve their skills as a musician, but you must be willing to take an active part in this learning and musical experience.

    * Students are expected to follow the guidelines of "Effective Effort" as outlined in the City Honors Student Handbook.