Music 6 Syllabus

  • City Honors School - 6th Grade Music Syllabus 2016-2017

    Mrs. Newton – Rm. 114

    Class meets 2 times a cycle for 40 weeks.

    Music 6 is a General Music Class building upon content and skills learned in Music 5. There will be an emphasis put on the study of a curriculum of music study based on the New York State and National Association for Music Education Standards for the Arts.


    1. Creating/Performing/Singing/Playing Music

    2. Knowing/Applying/Using Musical Elements

    3. Ear Training/Aural Skills

    4. Analyzing/Listening to/Assessing Music as a Musician Does

    5. Music's Role in History/Culture/Society

    6. Music and Technology

    7. Music and It's Connection to Other Disciplines of Study


    1.) CHS Student Planner

    2.) Binder with Pockets

    3.) Notebook/paper to take in-class notes

    4.) Both pen and pencil


    - All students are expected to come to class FULLY prepared with all supplies and materials and will be assessed and graded on this via random "prep checks".


    - Homework and Projects are due on the date assigned and will not be accepted late unless there is an extenuating circumstance that has been discussed with Mrs. Newton.

    - Students who are absent for any reason need to contact Mrs. Newton to get missed assignments as soon as they return to school.

    - Music Notebooks will be assessed and graded every quarter, and it is the student's responsibility to keep them current with all required materials.

    * Assignments and Projects given will be posted on Mrs. Newton's Teacher Webpage which can be found at: /webpages/enewton/


    - Students are expected to respect classroom and school policies for conduct, behavior and use of classroom space and materials.

    - Students are to be respectful of the teacher and fellow classmates at all times.


    1. Performance, Written assignments, Tests, Quizzes, Projects = 40%.

    2. Class Participation, Preparation and Notebook = 60%

    * Late assignments are not accepted unless there is an extenuating circumstance that must be discussed with Mrs. Newton by a parent/guardian. If a student is absent on the day an assignment is due, it must be handed in the next day s/he are back to school. Students are responsible for all content and assignment during absences. *

    Questions? Please contact me at or call 816-4230.

    I look forward to a great year of music making with you!

    Mrs. Newton

    Vocal Music Teacher, City Honors School