Internal Assessment

  • The Internal Assessment (IA) task will be one scientific investigation talking about 10 hours and weighing 20%, and will be completed senior year. Guidance will be provided to students during class time but the completion of the IA is done independently outside of school. The assessment uses the following five criteria to assess the final report of the individual investigation:



    Experiments involving human subjects:

    Any experimentation involving human subjects must be with their direct, legally obtained written permission and must follow the following guidelines. In addition, the investigation must not use human subjects under the age of 16 without the written consent of the parents or guardians.

    - Subjects must provide written consent

    - The results of the investigation must be anonymous

    - Subjects must participate of their own free will

    - Subjects have the right to withdraw from the investigation at any time

    * You must make note of these in your formal IA report!!

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