ELA Literature Sets

  • To access questions that accompany literary works, please follow these steps:

    • From your teacher home page, click the Assignments link.

    • Select the appropriate English course from the drop down menu.

    • Enter a name for the assignment and click Create New Assignment.

    • On the question criteria page, be sure the Show Classic Courses button is UNCHECKED.

    • Click ELA, check the box Topics on the Filter by bar, and click START.

    • You will find literature sets under the following topics, Novel, Drama, Memoir, Poetry-Short Stories, Non-Fiction, and Historical Fiction.

    • Click the blue plus signs to expand the are you wish to view. Many of the titles narrow down to more specific areas of the literary work.

    • Once you have the areas you wish selected, by checking the boxes, click the Save Choices & Show me questions button to be taken to the page to view individual questions and add them to your assignment.