8th Grade Social Studies Inventors Project

  • 8th Grade Social Studies

    Inventors Project

     We have just finished learning about The Industrial Revolution. We will use our knowledge of the inventions, our class notes, and the following websites to create a presentation. 


     1. Students will research an inventor that Mrs. Wellington assigns to you. You will use your class notes, textbook and the websites on this page to research your inventor.

    Students will research the following facts:

    -     What is the invention?
    -          What does the invention do? How can it be used?
    -          When was it invented?
    -          Where there other inventions that led up to this invention?
    -          Information about the inventor
    -          Who was this inventor?
    -          When did this inventor live?
    -          What was the inventors early life and education like?
    -          Any interesting facts about the inventor.
    -          Why did the inventor want to invent this invention?
    -          Did the inventor invent other inventions? What where they?
    -          What is the importance of this invention?
    -          Explain why the invention is important?
    -          Have the invention been improved or changed since it was invented?
    -          Did it lead to other inventions?
    -          How has this invention changed the world? What was the world like before this invention and how is it different now that it has been invented?

    *You are not limited to these topics - use creativity! 


    2. Students will create a presentation using www.Prezi.com to explain the key factors of their explorer. Follow the project guide to help you use the Prezi website. 


    3. We will share our presentations on the final day of the project. 

    Helpful Websites: