Varsity Swim

  • Boys Coach: Mrs. Kristy Mrugala


    Boys Captains: TBD


    Girls Coach: Mrs. Jackie Yager


    Girls Captains: TBD


    1) Calendar will be at the bottom of this page hopefully by late October.

    2) Dry land practices-please wear gym clothes with sneakers and bring a towel to lay on

    3) There will be 2-way buses for the swim meets. Students may still get picked up from the meet location, or they may ride the bus back to CHS and get picked up at school.

    4) All students must be cleared by Nurse Bryant before they participate in practice. If you have had a physical within the past year and it's on file with the nurse, then all you need is an update form. If you have not had a physical within the past year, then you need to schedule an appointment with your doctor now to have a physical and make sure you get it on file with the school nurse.

    5) All students must return the media release and emergency contact information before they can swim. Please send this back ASAP.

    6) Everyone must complete the academic eligibility every 5 weeks to remain on the team.

    7) The past few years we have not had to make any cuts for girls or boys. However, due to the number of swimmers signed up for both boys and girls, we may have to have cuts. If need be, cuts will happen by the end of November. Please be on time to practice and show us your best effort if you would like to remain on the team.

    8) Everyone must participate in at least 10 practices before they can compete in a swim meet. This is a district wide policy. This is true for everyone-club swimmers included!! Club practices DO NOT count as practices for CHS. EVERYONE should be at EVERY practice, early and late. Club practice are not being counted. If you skip CHS practice to go to a club practice, you will be marked as unexcused from practice. Three unexcused practices results in a swimmer not swimming in the next scheduled swim meet. If you miss five practices, you will be asked to leave the team. Part of being on a team means you are dedicated to the team; if you are not at practices, you are not showing your dedication. Your club coaches know that you are on a high school swim team. Club practices do not start until 5:00 at the earliest, so if we have early practice at CHS, you can make both practices if you would like.

    9) We will hopefully be having the tri-meet with Kenmore East and Tonawanda again. More information to follow.

    10) 7th and 8th graders must take a test to be able to swim varsity. The date and time for the test is not finalized yet. On the day of the test please bring gym clothes, socks and sneakers, a bathing suit, and a towel. Here are the requirements:


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    11) We will have a swim-a-thon again this year. The swim-a-thon will be on Friday, November 20th during practice. All swimmers must bring in at least $20 in donations. Be aware that $20 is the minimum and it goes for the TEAM, not the individual swimmer. We will use the swim-a-thon money to purchase some attire for the entire team.

    12) Be prepared to swim 3500-4500 yards at each practice. We will get you in shape real quick!!


    Looking forward to a GREAT swim season!!