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  • In this section you will find general class materials and any other information or links that pertain to class. 
    This includes assistance with:
    Sight Reading
    Proper Position/Posture
    Beginner & Professional Bow Hold
    Bow Care
    7 Steps to Easy Sight Reading
    Before Sight Reading:
    Check Key Signature & Time Signature
    Play a scale in the Key Signature
    7 Easy Steps:
    1. Count & Clap (rhythm)
    2. Say (names of notes) & Clap (rhythm)
    3. Sing (names of notes) & Clap (rhythm)
    4. Finger (notes on fingerboard) & Say (names of notes)
    5. Pluck & Say (names of notes)
    6. Finger (notes on fingerboard) & Air Bow
    7. Play!
    10 Steps to Sight Reading a Piece of Music
    1. Familiarize yourself with a variety of rhythms.
    2. Memorize key signatures at-a-glance.
    3. Know your scales forward and backward.
    4. Practice playing without looking at your hands.
    5. Practice sight singing.
    6. Take a minute to examine the piece you’re sight reading. Tap out the rhythm, read through the notes and follow the structure.
    7. Mentally commit changes in key or time signature within the piece.
    8. Make markings on the music with pencil.
    9. Sound the whole piece out in your head, recognizing patters.
    10. Breathe, relax and keep going, even if you make a mistake. 

Position Tutorials

Beginner Bow Hold Tutorials

Professional Bow Hold Tutorials

Tightening, Rosining & Loosening Your Bow

Tuning Tutorials

Pizzicatto Tuners

Arco Tuners

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