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    What an exciting school year this is!


    Please take a moment to look over the tabs at the left and to visit the pages. Forms are available on certain pages so that if a student forgets the form at school, it is available here to re-print. I've changed many of the form formats to a .PDF format that will work with Adobe Reader. This format works well with any computer, regardless of platform. 



    The Syllabus is available by using the tab to the left.

    If I can assist you in any way, please let me know! I want your child to achieve his/her highest and best. To do that, we need to work together.

    I keep a paper grade-book and use Infinite Campus. Please be patient with the grading of essays. I read them over once (without grading them) and then read them again. This process allows me to not only comprehend where we need to learn, but also allows me the opportunity to plan future lessons, incorporating these lessons. Personal growth is important. 


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    Your class and homework assignments can be found on Schoology. 

    Assignments are up-dated frequently. 

    They are not posted to this web page.

    Please click on the link below:



    The Thinker's Thoughts section is new! Students asked to have this added as a way for us to connect on a human level. The Breathing Exercise for stress relief is here. 


    Class books should not be written nor annotated in. If you would like your child to obtain a copy of a book that can be annotated, you are welcome to do so. Some titles are available in our school's book store. The book assigned to your child will appear as a two or five digit number in I.C. but does NOT average into your child's grade. 


    If you have not gotten access to IC yet, please contact the Main Office and they will assist you. You will then be able to see your child's grades for all classes and not have to wait for any progress reports in the mail.  You may also access the BPS website on this by clicking here.  


    I've been getting a lot of requests for a book I recommend to assist students in the writing of their papers and other assignments. Write Source 2000 is one such book. This is a valuable tool for middle and high school students. The book contains not only a writing guide, but also:


    * How to effectively study, take notes, interact in groups, etc.

    * Maps

    *References tables and information for English, math, science, and social studies.

    There are high school and college versions. 


     Thank you!

     Annie Shea

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