A Parent's Guide to the new Common Core

  • As a teacher, I understand the importance of the learning that must take place for children to succeed. There are many learning styles, levels of knowledge and skill, and personalities. 

    As a parent, it was important that I know what my child was to learn and to be there to help him achieve his highest and best in school, not only to prepare him for college and career, but also to be a productive member of society and his community. 

    While the Common Core is new, there is a parent resource I found that may be beneficial to you. 

    It not only contains information on the Common Core, but also addresses how you can help your child to be college and career ready. 

    I've posted the parent tips here also:

    Parent Tips

    What can parents do to help their child prepare for Common Core learning?

    • Read a combination of fiction and non-fiction aloud or with your child. Look for subjects that interest your child - from sports heroes to dinosaurs.
    • Select more difficult passages over time.
    • Read more informational texts including newspapers, magazines, technical manuals, science and social studies articles and books.
    • Talk with your child and have him or her explain things.
    • Encourage writing at home.
    • Help your children know/memorize basic math facts.
    • Discuss and "do" real life math with your children.
    • Look for "word problems" in real life.
    • Encourage a good work ethic.
    • Let your children see you read and "do" math.
    • Discuss with your children their performance in school and what they are learning.
    • Talk about tests with your child and be positive and encouraging.
    • Talk with your child's teacher(s) about his or her performance in school.
    • Talk with your children about the importance of graduating from high school ready for college and career success.
    As always, I am available if I can help you with any of this. I can be reached via e-mail at ashea@buffaloschools.org or if you prefer to call, the number is (716) 816-4230 x 1300.

    ~Mrs. Shea

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