English II for Grade 9 - Please find the complete syllabus attached at the bottom of this page

  • English II: Pre-AP/Pre-IB Literature 

    City Honors' 9th grade curriculum aligns the new Common Core State Standards for students in grades 9-10 with City Honor's curriculum of AP and IB Literature.  English II focuses on analysis of poetry and prose through reading and writing, as well as heavily focusing on the  skills needed for analysis.  The class includes novel and poetry units, as well as drama and a unit on mythology.  I will also dedicate class time to writing instruction and teaching the fundamentals of composition.  Students will understand the writing process, participate in a Writer's Workshop, and thoughtfully craft pieces while making accommodations based on various rhetorical situations.


    In this course we will focus on: building close-reading skills; using reading and processing strategies to think through poetry and prose; and, developing skills for composing literary analysis.  Some of the learning objectives met in this course include:
    • Students will learn how to fully analyze a text using strategies such as: dialectical journaling, annotating, and College Board analysis techniques in order to perform a close reading of a text.
    • Students will learn how to write critically and analytically about prose and poetry, using textual evidence to support claims, and making appropriate choices based on rhetorical situation.
    • Students will discuss literature in thoughtful and meaningful ways using Socratic methods of inquiry, formulating discussion questions, and responding to Essential Questions.
    • Students will participate in comprehensive discussions of literature referring to literary devices, terms, and techniques and commenting on an author's craft, purpose, agenda, or intent.
    • Students will appropriately defend ideas and statements using text-based evidence, citations, or connections when necessary.
    • Students will craft thoughtful compositions adapting writing style and tone to audience and purpose using precise syntax, phrasing, and diction.   
    • Students will participate in initial stages of IB analysis techniques and classroom presentations. 

    Class Supply List :
    •  A 1 and 1/2" binder  
    • 4 binder dividers (Strategies, Literature, Composition, Poetry)
    • Index cards  as needed for vocabulary study(students may want more depending on vocabulary study)
    • Highlighters
    • Black/Blue pens
    • Scissors
    • Loose-leaf paper for binder notes
    • Glue stick(s)
    • Colored Pencils/Markers/Gel Pens as desired
    • Post-It Notes or page markers for annotating 


    THE BINDER:  Each student must have  a 1 & 1/2" binder to be used for storing and organizing notes and handouts.    

    VOCABULARY INDEX CARDS: Students may wish to create a set of index cards in order to study important terms. Index cards can be kept together on a book ring so that they can be used throughout high school.


    OTHER SUPPLIES:  Students must bring a highlighter and pen to class each day.  Students should also bring a glue stick to class for class activities and note keeping.  It is beneficial for students to own their own pair of scissors.  Having these supplies is a demonstration of preparedness and eliminates wasted time when having to share items with classmates.  




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